Kodak wins Samsung fight over camera phones

Koreans accused of infringing patents

Kodak has won the first round in a patent dispute with Samsung over technology used in its camera phones.

The suit argues that both Samsung and LG had infringed two Kodak patents, and the International Trade Commission judge has found in the plaintiff's favour against Samsung.

LG has already settled the case out of court, which has seen it purchase Kodak's OLED technology - LG is one of the largest producers of the screen type and was previously licensing Kodak's tech.

Thumbs down

Samsung continued the fight, but faced the thumbs down from the judge who stated that Samsung had used LG technology in its camera phones.

Kodak issued a statement to applaud the decision:

"We are gratified that the judge recognised the validity and infringement of the digital camera patents at issue," it reads.

"We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars creating this technology, and we have an obligation to our shareholders and other licensees to protect that investment."

Via Reuters


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