Is Samsung ditching the Kobo ebook service?

Could be developing its own eReader

Samsung may be about to drop the Kobo ebook service from its Readers Hub if an Italian screenshot is to be believed.

Leaked to Italian site HDBlog, the screenshot shows a pop up message which has appeared in the Readers Hub application.

The message informs the reader that the Kobo support is not longer available within the hub and if they wish to continue using the Kobo service, then the dedicated app will need to be downloaded from Google Play.

Samsung to ditch Kobo

Improved e-book service

The second part of the message is more intriguing, as translating it reveals: "A new and improved ebook service from Samsung is under preparation and will be available soon."

This could mean that Samsung is developing its very own service, rather than looking for a link up with another ebook company.

There's no been any official word on this, but we've contacted Samsung asking for some more information – we'll update this article once we hear back.

From HDBlog


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