iPhone 3G shown running iOS 4.0 - and multi-tasking

Apple - are you SURE it can't be done?

A video has been posted of the iPhone 3G not only running the latest version of the iOS 4.0 but multi-tasking too.

Apple said that the new iOS 4.0 will be coming to the 3G, but elements like multi-tasking will be disabled.

However, one of them hackers on that internet thing has posted a video of the iPhone 3G running the OS and happily multi-tasking.

We say happily but, as BGR points out, not only does one of the applications on show lag a bit, but it doesn't run any applications that pull heavily on the processor when ticking along in the background.

Still, it's nice to see that people are still trying to prove the big brands wrong at all costs - if it turns out that the iPhone 3G can run multi-tasking merrily, it will be a large amount of egg on Apple's face.

From BGR



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