Samsung adds GPS Symbian phones to line-up

Slick new smartphones bring sat-nav to Samsung's portfolio

Samsung has used the Symbian Smartphone Show currently taking place in London to add two new models to its burgeoning line-up of handsets based on the OS.

Joining the SGH-i450 and SGH-i400 we've seen recently are the much-discussed SGH-i550 with GPS and the slightly more stylish SGH-i560, also with sat-nav. The two newcomers both run version 9.2 of Symbian, feature high-speed 3.6Mbit/s HSDPA and plenty more besides.

Business Vs pleasure

The business-focused i550 comes in a candybar-style shape and features a Blackberry-like trackball front and centre. It has a 2.6-inch 240 x 320-pixel screen, whereas the i560's comes in at 2.4 inches. The other main differences between the two are the i560's slider-type keyboard and FM radio.

Otherwise, both new phones share very similar specs - triband GSM, GPS satellite navigation, 3.2-megapixel camera, 150MB of flash memory with microSD slot and Bluetooth connectivity. The i560 is slightly thinner at 13.8mm, compared to the i560's 16mm, leaving the choice down to a question of personal style.

Incidentally, the sudden rush of new smartphones is not entirely down to market awareness generated by Apple's famous handset - Samsung reckons smartphones will grow 59 per cent this year from 64 million sales in 2006 and that it will balloon to almost 200 million units by 2010.

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