Re-designed Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 released in Germany

Modified version dodges sales ban

A modified version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is finally heading over to Germany after Samsung tweaked a few of the tablets features so that it was not infringing any patents.

Back in August Apple managed to get an injunction set up against the tech company which prohibited the sale of the tablet in Germany.

The ban was European wide but this was overturned but Germany stayed staunch in its decision and the tablet was taken off shelves and even stopped from being showcased at IFA 2011.

New design

The newly designed tablet now goes under the moniker Galaxy Tab 10.1N and Samsung has revealed that it had to make just two changes to the design to avoid litigation.

These changes are to the bezel and the placement of the speaker.

In images of the new Galaxy Tab you can see that there is now more metal showing around the front of the device so the bezel is no longer totally black.

Samsung will be happy that it has managed to find a workaround but we're sure Apple will be taking a close look at the tablet to see if there's any way it can scupper the tech giants tablet plans once more.

Via Engadget


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