Dell teases laptop with OLED display

Super thin and battery friendly

Dell has had a busy CES, showing off all kinds of exciting products, but the display of an OLED-screened laptop has to be up there with the most tantalising.

The Studio XPS is sporting a large OLED display with a depth of just 2mm, meaning that should this technology take off, laptops like the MacBook Air will be derided as super chunky.

The Dell concept, snapped by Electronista, has a contrast ratio of 10,000:1, which is pretty spiffy for a laptop like this, and the company is also claiming that response times and battery life (as the OLED panel doesn't need a backlight) are also improved.

Conceptual future

Sadly, Dell won't give out any details as yet about whether this is going to be released to the UK market, stating it's just a concept.

But the company does have previous form on this issue – in 2008 Dell's CEO Michael Dell teased that the company might be using OLEDs in its laptops in the future.

But we're just happy to sit back and enjoy the show – and pray that OLEDs, with their deep colour reproduction and thin form factor, become even more prevalent in 2010.


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