Mini laptop for under £200

The new miniBook wins on features but fails to break the bank

It may be small – well, in some instances seven inches can be considered big – but the latest miniBook, named the Mini Laptop Neo, has got a lot going for it, especially when it comes to price.

At just £170 the laptop is one of the cheapest computers around, and one of the lightest too, weighing in at just 650g.

The miniBook's actual measurements are 222 x 165 x 30mm, with a 7in display that's made up of 800 x 400 pixels.

Small on price, and memory and storage

The PC runs on a 32-bit processor, and houses DDR2 memory of 128MB. So it's not exactly geared for gaming, then. Storage is pretty pitiful too, at just 2GB (NAND Flash) but it's £170!

Battery time on the Wi-Fi compatible miniBook is three hours, which comes with Linux pre-installed and a handy SD slot.

The miniBook is available now from Maplin but the price of £170 is only available until 2 September, so get there quick before the laptop's price teeters over the, shock, £200 mark.

UPDATE: The good folks at What Laptop have informed us that the miniBook is also on sale at Novatech, where the lappie will be staying at the princely sum of £170. Bargain!


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