BT and Google looking to boost online video?

New service poised to speed up delivery

BT is in talks with Google to provide a new way to host online video, which could see content transported to a digital delivery network created solely for ISPs.

The Guardian is reporting that BT Wholesale is working with two other ISPs to create a network for video called Content Connect.

Using this sort of video delivery service would mean that the internet wouldn't buckle under the pressure of hosting video, something that will become much more prevalent when Project Canvas launches in the UK.

Content delivery

The new service would mean that broadcasters could cut out the middle man when it comes to hosting video content.

As the Guardian points out, companies like the BBC, Apple and Google (for YouTube) currently pay content delivery networks to make sure their videos are available on the web.

The new system would mean ISPs could store content within their own networks and get paid by the media companies – something which does not happen at present.

BT is hoping that the service will begin running in the spring, and will stop things like the BBC iPlayer from slowing down, which it does at the moment when viewed at peak times.

Via the Guardian


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