Apple's Black Friday discounts disappoint

UK given short shrift by Apple

Apple s UK deals are hardly going to persuade us to adopt Black Friday in the UK

It's Black Friday! Yet another made-up American day of celebration based on, well, people going shopping a lot.

Here in the UK, despite our ingrained cynicism about this unalloyed celebration of mass electronic consumption that follows something called 'Thanksgiving', we secretly look forward to getting our own spin-off deals on computers and gadgets.

Yet it looks like Apple's UK Black Friday deals are hardly going to have (even more) hordes of us running down to our local Apple Emporium.

Ten percenters

Apple UK has discounted a range of iPods and iMac goodies, but hardly by much. Ten per cent or so. If you are lucky.

If you are still in the market for new Apple kit then you will nab yourself £71 off an iMac or MacBook Pro and a mere £7 off an iPod or £11 off an iPod touch or an Apple TV.

If you want to see more head across to Apple's UK online store at