12 Deals of Christmas: Save £15 on the 4K Amazon Fire TV

Picked up a cheap 4K TV deal recently? If it doesn't have built-in Smart TV capabilities, then you'll need something like Amazon's Fire TV box to get the best movie streaming experience. Today's a great day to do it too as Amazon has knocked £15 off the regular price, meaning it's only £64.99.

The Amazon Fire TV box may be more expensive than the Fire TV Stick (£33.20 today), but comes with 4K capabilities and a voice activated remote control. So you'll be able to enjoy select Amazon Prime Video content in 4K if you've signed up. If not, why not try a free Amazon Prime 30-day trial? Netflix has a lot of 4K content available too, although you might need to upgrade your membership.

Fancy some free 4K content,? Then just fire up the YouTube app on the Amazon Fire TV and you'll have plenty of 4K content to show off your TV's potential. This flagship Fire TV also comes with a voice activated remote, so you don't have to mess around typing entries in with the d-pad on Amazon Prime Video - just ask for it!

This is the cheapest Amazon Fire TV deal we're likely to see for a while as we're nearing the end of discount season. So if you're wanting to see the best shows and movies in 4K, now's the time to strike.