Brenthaven always produces quality bags and sleeves. The onus is on protection, which is less impressive on this sleeve than with the Fusion Messenger we saw last issue. Like that model, this is a sober, two-tone design.

In between the inner cushioned panel and the outer splash-proof fabric, Brenthaven has sunk some hardened boards to take sideways knocks. These offer decent protection, but punching the board makes it fold and creates a weak spot. Still, it's more protection that you usually get at this price point.

A MacBook fits inside the Edge 1 snugly; it will take minor knocks, looks respectable, and holds the laptop tight so there's no rattling about. Some extra pockets would have been handy, as you only get one Velco-fastened pocket with this design.

A comfortable carry handle extends from the top of the bag, and can be pushed back down for storage. All pretty good for £30. James Ellerbeck