Surfshark price, plans and discounts: the best Surfshark deals in 2023

surfshark price, free trial and deals
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Of all the best VPN options out there, Surfshark has fast become one of the most popular. Yes, that may very well be down to its friendly, easy-to-use interface, slick mobile apps, and site unblocking prowess, but a brief look at the Surfshark price and deals, and it's easy to understand the real reason for its popularity.

So while Surfshark is certainly classed as a cheap VPN in terms of price, that doesn't mean it scrimps on features. Far from it. It offers great speeds, Netflix unblocking, live chat support, use on unlimited devices at once, and tight encryption security with plenty of protocol options.

From AES-256 encryption to OpenVPN and IKEv2 support, you get bundles of protection. Plus there's a useful kill switch for security when your connection drops and then, when totally offline, you can rest easy knowing there is a no-logs policy. That means your details aren't out there to be found, keeping you anonymous and secure.

All that and you don't even have to pay what some of the other services charge. Here we explain what Surfshark prices and discounts are available and what the best deals are if you want to sign up now.

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Surfshark VPN price: what is today's best deal?

Surfshark | 2 years | $2.21 per month + 3 months FREE | 83% saving

Surfshark | 2 years | $2.21 per month + 3 months FREE | 83% saving
Surfshark is giving out a tasty time limited offer only to TechRadar readers—together with our close friends at Tom's Guide and Android Central. An 83% off and 3 months free on top will work out for the equivalent of $2.21 for a 27 months plan. The offer is available only until June 30, so make sure to follow the link on this page for not missing out!

How much does Surfshark VPN cost?

Basically, the longer you sign up to Surfshark VPN for, the more savings you stand to make. At the most expensive is the non-committal month-to-month payment, which is $12.95 per month - that's actually pretty costly compared to what else is out there. Go for six months, paying upfront, and it works out at $6.49 per month. But where you can really undercut the competition on price is the 24-month plan, paid upfront, which currently equates to just $2.21 a month, throwing in a further three months for free in as a part of Surfshark's latest time-limited VPN deal.

Still, if you're not certain, you can always give it a whirl with a Surfshark free trial to see if it's the service for you.

With prices as low as they are for that Surfshark deal, you're unlikely to find much cheaper from the service or elsewhere. But if you're looking to save money on shorter-term deals it's worth checking out the Surfshark site to get the very best discounts.

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How good is Surfshark VPN?

Check out our Surfshark review to see why this got a rare 4.5 out of 5 stars in our estimations. Features like whitelisting, to bypass the VPN for things like banking, are really useful. There's also malware and phishing blocking, that superb no-logging policy, and the ability to connect to as many devices at the same time as you need. Invaluable.

It's also a really great VPN for streaming, especially when it comes to Netflix where the company's own site clearly states how it is built to unlock exactly that service in multiple regions.

The 24/7 live chat customer support is also a really nice addition that means you'll be able to do what you need, no matter the issues you may encounter, wherever you are and whenever it is. 

How do Surfshark VPN prices compare to the competition?

Surfshark VPN actually manages to top our best cheap VPN providers guide, so that should speak volumes. That's largely thanks to the savings you can make with the longer-term deals combined with all the rich features you get. It's also because this does manage to undercut the top-end service, ExpressVPN, which though priced highly, does offer the best overall service and is rated our best VPN.

NordVPN is another excellent option, with lots of features and double-layer security, with some top deals out there. You'll pay more than Surfshark, but less than ExpressVPN. It's an excellent option for those that want P2P torrent backing guaranteed.

Check out our up-to-the-minute VPN deals guide to see what offers all our favorite providers are currently running.

Surfshark VPN prices and deals

By clicking here, you'll instantly see Surfshark's excellent pricing. For a month it costs $12.95 or for a year and you'll pay $6.49 per month equivalent, or for two years and it's $2.21. And remember you get that 30-day money-back guarantee, too.

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