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PhotoKeys review

A tool panel companion for Photoshop

A fairly decent option for controlling Photoshop with your iPhone but keyboard shortcuts would be better to learn

Our Verdict

A nice theory, but you'd be better simply learning keyboard shortcuts


  • Good Photoshop integration


  • Hard to see a real use
  • Better using keyboard shortcuts
  • Cannot edit layouts

This is ideal if you like the look of the Art Lebedev Maximus keyboard but don't fancy spending $1,700 (£1,183).

It's designed as a companion to Photoshop – we tested it with CS4 – and gives you access to many of the tools and commands from the main screen (right) and the Edit screen, which controls selections, stroke and the like.

It works well, although the concept is a little flawed; with the iPhone's flat screen, you have to look carefully before you can stab at the correct button, and you can't edit the layouts.

The professionals should stick to learning the keyboard shortcuts, but it might help those coming fresh to Photoshop.

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