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BT Digital Vault review

Suits all your needs flexibly

Our Verdict

A handy, flexible and reliable backup device


  • Versatile

    Easy to organise files


  • May need to add to basic storage option

BT is such a big name in all things telephonic that its new Digital Vault online back-up system comes as no surprise. What's more surprising is the level of versatility on offer, as well as the fact that you get up to 2GB of storage space without paying a monthly subscription. Even so, for the paltry sum of £5, your server space allocation jumps to 20GB, which is a more useful amount.

The paid-for option also comes with the automatic Backup Manager program. This software provides a simple, wizard-based approach to sorting out your back- up and restore procedures but, rather than having backups completed at a certain time of day, the software scans your chosen folders at intervals of your choosing, between two minutes and 60 minutes, uploading modified files on a rolling basis.

Another nice touch is that you can store and share files in separate areas of your digital vault - for example, photos, videos, music and documents - keeping everything nicely organised and easily accessible.