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Asus Silent Square Pro review

Is this the reason why we'll never see the V60?

Like the V60, the Asus Silent Square Pro sports a fan nestled between the two sides of its heatsink

Our Verdict

Versatile, easy to fit and works very well


  • Wide compatibility

    Doesn't get overly warm

A few months ago we were lucky enough to cover Asus' V60 cooler. We learned later that Asus has absolutely no plans to release it.

Why? Well, this similarly-designed, similarly-priced, but slightly slicker looking cooler is likely to be the main reason.

Like the V60, it sports a fan nestled between the two sides of its heatsink, and supports every motherboard type from 754 to AM2.

And most importantly, that deeply entrenched fan cools your processor extremely well. We're not sure if the fan's position causes some kind of Peltier effect, with a warm side and a cool side, but even under full load the Silent Square Pro didn't exceed a still-reasonable 46ºC.

With its ease of fitting, its great compatibility with a huge array of motherboards, and that exemplary cooling, this is one of the best we've ever seen.