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BenQ FP241WZ review

The LCD continues to improve

The BenQ FP241WZ won't look out of place in your living room

Our Verdict

The performance is there, if you're willing to pay the price


  • Proper HDMI support


  • It's pricey

The next generation of LCD monitors are improving things immeasurably, at least in a visual context. BenQ's 24-inch offering has been heavily delayed, but the final release model proves that the humble LCD still has a whole lot of development left in it.

There's full, proper HDMI support, giving you compatibility with the best graphics cards and external HD players, as well as a guarantee that the monitor end of your HDCP chain is fully catered for. But there's also a measure of image sharpening, including AMA Z dynamic video processing technology. This means that motion blur around the edge of the screen is reduced, which makes a surprising difference to quality, especially when playing back high-resolution video.

Combined with Senseye technology, a 6ms response time and the surprisingly high 500cd/m2 contrast ratio, the FP241WZ is a large, welcoming screen that's as home on your desk as it is in your living room. But it's not cheap.