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Wolverine to answer your sharpest questions on Twitter May 2


Do you have questions only Wolverine can answer? Like, what does it feel like to have adamantium claws bursting out your fists? Or, how much product does it take to makes your hair stand up like that?

Hugh Jackman will be taking to Twitter on May 2 to hopefully answer these questions and more, hosting a Twitter chat from 12pm ET (5pm GMT) where he'll be speaking on video but fielding text based questions coming in over 140 characters.

If you want to shoot Hugh a question about the movie, just send a tweet and using either #AskHugh or #TheWolverine hashtags.

This will be the second major use of social media in the promotion of The Wolverine, so far, after a 'tweaser' clip was posted to the Twitter-owned Vine video-sharing service.

Despite the attention these tactics are garnering for the movie, something about it makes me suspicious; as though the producers feels the movie isn't good enough to stand on its own. I have a bad feeling we'll see Hugh Jackman on a commercial space ship before this viral marketing campaign is finished.

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