The Google Pixel 4 may have been spotted in the wild for the first time

Image credit: Google

We might have caught our first glimpse at the Google Pixel 4 out in the wild, after a phone looking very similar to the one Google teased last week was spotted being used in London.

An image of the phone was shared by 9to5Google – you can see the square rear camera array on the back and... that's about it. The snap doesn't really tell us anything new about Google's upcoming handset.

The phone does appear to have a large front-facing bezel at the top of the display, the anonymous tipster who took the phone noted, which we think is going to be housing a dual-lens camera.

And the handset looks as if it's wrapped up in one of those official Google Pixel fabric cases that we've seen appear with previous Pixel launches as well.

Google Pixel 4 leak

Does this look like the Pixel 4 to you? (Image credit: 9to5Google)

We're bracing ourselves for a host of Pixel 4 leaks between now and October, which is the month when we're expecting the next Google flagship to be officially announced.

Even Google is getting involved with the leaks this time around, posting a photo of the upcoming handset on Twitter. The square design for the rear camera is now confirmed, though we're not sure yet exactly what kind of optics it's carrying.

There has been talk of a "spectral sensor" on board the Pixel 4, which would be able to sense hand gestures above the phone, and possibly let users control the device without touching the screen.

Apparently the phone is going to come carrying a Snapdragon 855 chipset and 6GB of RAM too, putting it on a par performance-wise with some of the best phones of 2019. We should get all the details in a few months.

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