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Samsung S9 UHD upscales your bog-standard Full HD source

Samsung S9 UHD upscales your bog-standard Full HD source
Looks a little bit odd though, no?

According to its makers, the Samsung S9 UHD television represents the future of home entertainment - ushering an era of 4K into our living rooms.

UHD screens are clearly set to proliferate, but face the old problem of a lack of 3840x2160 content being produced as yet.

To get around this, the S9 has Samsung's proprietary upscaling engine which can convert your HD source.

Restore or extrapolate?

It's not perfect, of course, despite claims of 'restoring' detail information but it will make it easier to justify what is almost certain to be a hefty price tag.

The TV is also chock full of Samsung's favourite screen tech - including Precision Black Pro, a high contrast ratio and Ultimate Dimming (surely a TV series name if ever there was one).

Smartening things up is a quad-core processor and audio-wise there's 3-way 2.2 channels of 120 watt sound - six times better than a typical TV says Samsung.

Price is not announced yet, but start looking up how much you can get for a pair of limbs; it might just be worth it.