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Panasonic adds twin HD tuners to its TV line-up

Panasonic adds twin HD tuners to its TV line-up
Not one picture but two

What's better than one HD tuner? Two HD tuners, says Panasonic as it adds twin high-def tuners to its 2013 Viera Smart TV range.

While Panasonic's set top boxes have offered dual-tuners for some time, this is the first time the company has managed it on a television.

It's pretty handy because the dual HD tuner set up allow you to watch one HD thing while recording another - you'll need to be using a USB 3.- hard disk device for that.


Another option that the dual-tuners give you is to watch one show on the TV while someone watches something else on a tablet.

The hardcore among you could even watch two programmes at once - one on the left hand side of the screen, one on the right. Although you'll probably enjoy neither.

Panasonic's European 2013 line-up will be the first to get the Twin HD tuners, with the plasma ZT60 and VT60s first in line, alongside the LED/LCD WT60 and DT60.