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BBC to use World Cup as an Ultra HD test bed

BBC to use World Cup as an Ultra HD test bed
Football in 4K incoming

The BBC has revealed that it is to broadcast live select games from this year's World Cup in 4K, thanks to a trial with its research partner Arqiva.

Unfortunately for those that have spent money on expensive Ultra HD televisions, this broadcast is strictly for research so will be done behind closed doors.

In the trial, the Beeb will look to transmit live UHD streams over terrestrial TV and the internet - a method that points to how 4K will eventually be distributed in the future.

The tests will hopefully help the world's broadcasters to come to an agreement as to what will constitute global UHD standardisation.

The trial will mark the first time live UHD has been broadcast via terrestrial and IP in the UK but it's not the first live trial.

That was done by Sky back in September 2013, with TechRadar in attendance.