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Asus announces Qube for Google TV

Asus Qube
Cubey Qube

Asus got into the Google TV game in a rectangular way at CES 2013 Monday as it announced its Qube set-top box for the service.

Running Google TV and all its offerings - including YouTube and Netflix - Qube has both motion control and voice search and runs (no surprise here) Android.

Users can group downloaded apps in the Asus-designed "Qube" user interface.

Using the Mobile Remote app for Android turns smartphones and tablets into controlling device, though Asus is packing in a separate remote for more traditional looking usage.

Qube remote

Qube's remote control

Other features

Google Play, picture-in-picture TV viewing and Chrome web browsing also bring life to the Qube.

There's no word yet on pricing yet, though it will come with 50GB of Asus WebStorage. U.S. users can find it stateside in late Q1 of 2013.