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Nintendo Switch should stop annoyingly switching your TV's inputs soon

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Samsung has released a statement that it will be releasing a firmware update this summer that will stop its TVs from automatically switching their HDMI inputs. 

This will be particularly welcome for Nintendo Switch users as the feature changes to the input that the Switch is using, even when the Switch is in sleep mode. Users have reported that their viewing is being interrupted by TVs  randomly switching to the Switch's inactive input, and showing a blank screen.

This has led to much frustration, as the feature has up until this point proved to be impossible to deactivate from within the TV. There is a setting on the Switch where you can deactivate ‘Match TV Power State’ which does apparently mitigate the issue slightly, but a proper fix is definitely welcome.

The ability for HDMI to let devices control each other is really useful when utilised correctly, and makes controlling your home entertainment setup much easier, but when it goes wrong it is infuriating.

Samsung told The Verge: “Samsung has been following the comments on our Community Thread and we will be issuing a Firmware update early this summer that will address this behavior and provide the level of convenience that was intended.”