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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could launch with smaller alternative

Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Image credit: TechRadar
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When Samsung releases phones from its Galaxy S range like the Galaxy S10 we’re used to seeing different sizes, but the Galaxy Note phones like the Galaxy Note 9 typically only come in one size – but that might not be the case for the Galaxy Note 10.

According to sources close to Korean website The Bell, Samsung is sourcing components for two different sizes of Note 10, one of which will have a 6.7-inch screen size like the Galaxy S10 5G and another with a smaller display. 

We'd previously heard of a second Note 10 device, a 5G-enabled model similar to the Galaxy S10 5G – likely larger than the typical Note 10, as the S10 5G is larger than the S10. It’s possible that the 6.7-inch display phone will be the Note 10 5G, and the standard Note 10 will have a screen similar to the Note 9’s 6.4 inches.

However The Bell’s sources could also be referring to a ‘lite’ version of the Note 10, similar to how the Galaxy S10e is a smaller version of the S10, as the popularity of the smaller alternative to the flagship shows there’s a place in the market for ‘lite’ products.

According to The Bell, the smaller handset will only come out in Europe – this makes it unlikely it’s the Note 10, as previous Galaxy Note phones came out worldwide, and it wouldn’t make sense for Samsung to limit its audience like this. 

We’re expecting to see the phones land in August 2019, so we’ve got a while to wait until we found out for sure which product is going to be European exclusive, or if this information is just totally wrong. 

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