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Video demo: iPad insomnia and the future of e-ink

Faster refreshing, more flexible ebooks on the way soon
Faster refreshing, more flexible ebooks on the way soon

Electronic ink (or 'e-ink') is now a mass market technology, following the successes of ebooks such as Amazon's Kindle and Sony's Reader range.

This week sees the latest demonstrations of the future of electronic ink and the devices that use the tech.

The news follows LA Times reports that experts have found reading on LCD screens – such as that found on Apple's iPad – cause insomnia "because direct exposure to such abnormal light sources inhibits the body's secretion of melatonin.

"Melatonin signals are sent through the brain as a response to darkness, telling the body to prepare to shut down for the night."

The future of reading

E Ink's Sriram Peruvemba has been showing off how the image quality of electronic ink is improving, in addition to the durability of screens.

"We are approaching paper-like quality now," said Peruvemba in an interview with Red Ferret. "It looks superb outdoors, that's the beauty of this technology… the more light the better, unlike an LCD... which always loses when it fights with the sun."

The new slightly flexible screens will be made available to E Ink's partners by Q4 2010.

Via Red Ferret