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New Samsung Gear 2 to make the calls so your phone doesn't have to?

Samsung Gear 2 might make calls without needing a phone
Put the Gear to your ear

Korean media are reporting that Samsung has a third Gear 2 model is in the works, and this one will come with the ability to make and take calls without you needing a smartphone in your pocket.

That's because the rumoured watch model is said to come with an USIM module that gives it the calling capability, removing the need to connect to your phone to do so.


While this sounds handy in theory, a smartwatchphone raises a few questions too. How would the teeny tiny battery cope? And how would networks charge for the calls?

Surely no one wants another data plan alongside their phone and tablet costs but perhaps we'd see bundled tariffs come in.

South Korea will be the first to find out the answers to these questions, as the new model Gear is supposedly set to launch there first, with the possibility of other markets seeing it after that.

It would come as no surprise to hear that Samsung is scrabbling to beef up its smartwatch line-up in light of Google's Android Wear announcement - those new smartwatches are looking pretty tasty to us.

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