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T-Mobile pushes child protection initiative

T-Mobile and the NSPCC are offering parents and children advice on mobile safety

Text bullying, mobile health scares and blocking explicit content from the mobile internet are some of the issues dealt with on the new child protection section of T-Mobile's UK website.

T-Mobile has teamed up with child protection charity the NSPCC to offer mobile safety tips and information for children and their parents. It outlines the safeguards T-Mobile already has in place, including its Content Lock for inappropriate material. And it offers advice on ways to keep safe when using a phone. These range from crime prevention tips and mobile bullying advice to chat room protection information and the latest mobile health guidance.

The NSPCC has been working with T-Mobile to ensure the site addresses concerns regarding child protection. "Mobile phones are immensely popular with children and offer them new ways of communicating and having fun," commented Zoe Hilton, Policy Advisor, NSPCC.

"However they also expose children to a range of new risks and the private nature of mobile phones makes around the clock parental supervision almost impossible.

"We support this work to raise awareness among parents and carers about the risks and help them to educate and empower their children to stay safe."