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Qualcomm launches iOS Augmented Reality SDK

Qualcomm's new cool could open the floodgates for more iPhone AR apps

Chip manufacturer Qualcomm has released an SDK for iOS devices which will allow developers to create a host of new Augmented Reality applications for the platform.

Following on from the successful launch of the Android SDK last year, iPhone app makers will now have access to the tool, which will provide the framework for a new breed of AR apps on Apple devices.

The idea behind the helpful tool is to allow app developers to build AR apps without the hassle of creating the mechanism from scratch.

Heavy lifting

Qualcomm has already done all of the coding heavy lifting by handling how the device pulls in images through the camera lens.

Thanks to the Beta launch of the SDK, developers can create new vision-based apps, games and tools with far greater ease.

A launch for iOS devices comes as somewhat of a surprise as Qualcomm had previously intimated that it was concentrating on developing this platform for Android phones running its Snapdragon processors.

Expect an influx of augmented reality apps to appear on the App Store as developers get to grips with the Qualcomm SDK.

via TechCrunch