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Samsung import ban goes ahead as Obama refuses to step in

Apple wins as Obama lets US Samsung phone and tablet import ban go ahead
'Sorry Sammy, it's bad news'

President Barack Obama has refused to veto a ban on Samsung products in the US.

Back in August the International Trade Commissions ruled a ban on the import of certain Samsung smartphones and tablets for infringing Apple patents.

The devices in the list include the Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Fascinate and Captivate, among others.

The White House was given 60 days in which it could veto the devision, but it seems Obama has given the no-no.

Playing politics

"After carefully weighing policy considerations, including the impact on consumers and competition, advice from agencies, and information from interested parties, I have decided to allow [the ban to go ahead]," said US Trade Representative Michael Froman in a statement.

Apple found itself in the same situation in August but in a rare move Obama chose to veto the ban, arguing that it risked damaging competition in the US.

It's unlikely that this proves too damning for Samsung, given that its successful newer products, such as the Galaxy S4, aren't affected.

However it could still take the case to a US appeals court if it so wishes, so it might not be game over just yet.