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Sagem to make Vodafone-branded mobiles

Vodafone usually just sells handsets from other manufacturers, though it has had its own branded handsets in the past

Vodafone has teamed up with French handset manufacturer Sagem to produce a new range of Vodafone branded phones. The handsets will be entry level devices designed for those looking for their first mobile, or for anyone after a no-frills model.

According to Vodafone, the first, unnamed phone will be "extra-slim, embedding all the main GSM features plus an eye-catching 65K-colour screen". The network hopes its brand will help sell the ititial handset, as well as others the company hopes to release.

"[Our] strategy is intended to use Vodafone's size and purchasing power to engage with the best white label handset makers and then use the power of the Vodafone brand to bring their products to market," said Jens Schulte-Bockum, global director of terminals at Vodafone.

Last month, Sagem signed a deal with Sony Ericsson to produce a range of entry-level handsets.