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Now Orange joins UK iPad party

Orange - iPad - UK launch - you get the picture by now
Orange - iPad - UK launch - you get the picture by now

In what can only be called the most startling announcement of the year, nay, decade, Orange has announced it too is to stock the iPad in the UK.

The network has sent TechRadar a statement that we hope was created by Orange, and not just taken from O2 and Vodafone's and swiftly amended a few key names:

"Orange today announced that it will offer dedicated iPad price plans for all models from the end of May(in France, UK, Spain and Switzerland).

"The iPad lets users browse the web, read and send email, blah blah blah revolutionary interface."

UK release date (sort of)

We may have amended that second paragraph to make it more readable after being used for the third time today.

So, it seems end of May is when this is all kicking off – at least we've got something resembling a UK release date we guess.

The networks are slowly getting ticked off the list now – we assume Virgin and Tesco are busy trying to work out the best way to write the exact same statement as everyone else.