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Apple iPhone camera pics revealed

This image, found on Flickr, could be the first published picture taken by an Apple iPhone

Snapshots taken by the Apple iPhone have surfaced on Flickr - the first glimpse of pictures taken by the feverishly anticipated device.

The pictures appear to have been taken by someone working for Apple, reports MobileGuerilla . Posted on Flickr but since deleted, the images appear to contain data identifying them as taken by a 2-megapixel camera on an iPhone.

The pictures came to light after the people at MobileGuerilla tried searching Google for a month using the term "taken with an Apple iPhone". Their reward was these pictures, which had EXIF (Exchangeable Image Format) data attached.

The EXIF data doesn't prove beyond doubt that these pictures definitely are from an iPhone. The info could easily have been edited. However, subsequent postings on the MobileGuerilla site suggest the snaps could have been taken near Apple HQ in Cupertino.