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iOS 10 will make it even easier to donate your organs


Organ donor registers are always struggling for people to join and Apple wants to offer a helping hand by encouraging the millions of iPhone owners around the world to sign up.

iOS 10 will see HealthKit updated with an option encouraging you to sign up to donate your organs after you've passed.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told Associated Press, the feature was inspired after Steve Jobs had an "excruciating" wait for a liver transplant, back in 2009.

A greater good

It's not yet clear how the signup process will work - it may just be a link within the HealthKit software that takes you to a website to enter your details in the register.

Even if it doesn't make the process particularly easier, it may encourage thousands more people to sign up to a worthy cause.

The feature is set to roll out in the US as part of iOS 10 when it likely lands in September. That will almost certainly mean the iPhone 7 will come with the feature already installed.

Whether the organ donor button will come to other countries is currently unclear, but we'd expect Apple to implement the feature in the near future, if it proves to be a success.