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HP Pre 3 finally goes on sale in UK

HP Pre 3 finally goes on sale in UK
Still really want that Pre 3?

The enigmatic HP Pre 3 is now on sale at The Carphone Warehouse, but it's not good news if you're looking to bag yourself a bargain.

The Pre 3 will cost £10.50 per month on a contract basis from Vodafone, with no pay as you go option to get the phone on a cut price deal.

We've spoken to TCW, which has confirmed it has no plans to stock a SIM free version of the phone so the super-cheap £69 deal for a top smartphone isn't going to be available.

To Pre or not to Pre?

HP is still mulling over whether it can ship more Pre 3 phones to the general public, but as of now the site still reads, "Currently may not be available direct from HP".

There are reports of a fresh batch of new phones being made available, but those that have pre-ordered the handset at the full price will be first in line to receive them.

The Carphone Warehouse says it has 'limited stock' of the Pre 3, so if you want to get your hands on a little piece of history we suggest you grit your teeth and shell out the money needed to pick up a contract.