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HP invents printing for your mobile

Apple's iPhone was the apparent inspiration for a new HP service - Cloudprint

Hewlett-Packard (HP) says the "world is going to flip" over the company's latest invention - a service that enables you to print documents anywhere in the world using your mobile phone.

The service, named Cloudprint, works very simply. All you have to do is save a PDF of your document on to HP's servers to retrieve a unique code that is sent by text message to your mobile phone.

You can then retrieve the PDF by accessing the message code, then print the document off at a locally-available printer - a Google Maps directory of which is included in the Cloudprint service.

Cloudprint was inspired by Apple's iPhone, says Patrick Scaglia, HP's director for internet and computer platform technologies at HP Labs. Scaglia says he wanted to see how the launch of the iPhone could benefit HP, according to the New York Times. The idea is to unhook printing from the computer and make it accessible anywhere.

Cloudprint is free and is currently available for all Microsoft Windows users. A Mac-friendly version of the service will launch later this year.