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Apple iPhone 4 to get 5-megapixel camera?

iPhone mark 4 set to get a better camera
iPhone mark 4 set to get a better camera

It looks like Apple is set to bump the camera resolution in the next iPhone up to 5-megapixels, as Omnivision – a company that provides Apple with image sensors – is reporting that it has secured orders for 5-megapixel image sensors for the fourth iteration of the iPhone in 2010.

Digitimes reports that Omnivision has won the contract to provide image sensors for Apple's iPhone mark 4.

Need better cameras

The supplier says that the order is for 5-megapixel sensors, which makes a lot of sense, seeing as many users have reported the low-res camera on the iPhone to be unsatisfactory.

There is also the suggestion that Apple may consider adding some form of camera flash device on to the next iPhone.

Omnivision predicts that they will supply Apple with 40-45 million units in 2010 compared with an estimated 21 million 3.2 megapixel units for the iPhone 3GS this year.

Via Digitimes