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Apple and Samsung head back to German courts

Apple and Samsung head back to German courts
It's like looking in a patent-altered mirror

Apple has filed a new attack on Samsung in Germany, updating its lawsuit over the design of handsets including the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S Plus.

The iPhone maker still seems determined to get the smartphones banned from sale, with the lawsuit accusing Samsung of infringing Apple's design rights on ten of its handsets.

As well as the smartphone-focussed suit, Apple has also begun proceedings against five unidentified Samsung tablets "related to a September ruling banning the Galaxy 10.1," court spokesman Peter Schuetz told Bloomberg.

Sneaky Samsung is sneaky

Samsung has already created sneaky work-arounds for preceding losses in the German courts, including the launch of the modified Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N.

However, these alterations haven't stopped the Cupertino brand from going after other devices, and it's likely these will be those that haven't been given the 'N' treatment, like the original Galaxy Tab (which, let's face it, is almost identical to an iPad... what's with that huge bezel?)

What isn't clear is how this German situation will play out - attacking the Galaxy S Plus makes perfect sense given the similarities between it an older iPhones, but it will be interesting to see if Samsung has to alter the S2 to fit in.

Via Bloomberg