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O2 mobile phone deals now being sold at Buymobiles and Affordable Mobiles

o2 phone deals

UK phone retailers Buymobiles and Affordable Mobiles were missing just one suit in their pack of network playing cards. Already holding EE, Vodafone and Three, they now have the full house after adding O2 tariffs to their range.

That means a whole host of new iPhone XR deals (from £48 per month), Samsung Galaxy S8 (from £23 per month) and S9 deals (from £28 per month), Huawei P20 Pro deals (from £30 per month) and loads more.

To see all of the new tariffs, head straight to:

Today's announcement means that Affordable and Buymobiles - both part of the A1 Comms group - are the only major UK retailers to have deals on O2, EE, Vodafone and Three online and instore. The likes of Carphone Warehouse, and Fonehouse currently only feature a combination of up to three of those networks each.

O2 remains one of the most popular mobile phone networks in the UK. As well as boasting excellent coverage throughout the country and 1000+ Wi-Fi hotspots for logging on while you're out and about, it also features Priority rewards for first dibs on gig tickets, cheap lunches and the odd free coffee. If O2 sounds like your kind of network, you can head straight to our best O2 phone deals page to see the cheapest tariffs on pretty much every handset you can think of.