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iPhone selling out worldwide

iPhone 3G: grab one while you can
iPhone 3G: grab one while you can

Reports are coming in that Apple stores and official carriers the world over are finding it impossible to meet demand for the device.

In the US, both Apple and AT&T are now almost completely out of the handset, both the 8GB and 16GB flavours, and in both colours.

Hawaii and Manhattan

In fact, only one store in Honolulu and New York has actually got any of the devices left, and they are having to severely limit stock to keep more customers happy.

Apple is restocking the device as fast as possible, but stores are still struggling to keep up with 'next-day demand'.

O2 has said it will struggle to meet demand in the coming weeks as the clamour for the new handset continues, despite not having the white model available for some weeks yet.