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MacBooks to feature the iPhone touch?

Could the new MacBook incorporate multi-touch technology?

Reports suggest a forthcoming revision of Apple's MacBook will include the same touch tech found in the iPhone. If true, the inclusion of multitouch would no doubt be welcomed with open arms. It would take advantage of the new-style Finder in Leopard, Apple's version of its Mac OS X operating system.

According to CrunchGear , who quote a 'trusted source', "the feature will be built into the touchpads, allowing you to navigate through your notebook's files, applications, etc. the same way you can on the iPhone." This would doubtless include the CoverFlow function within iTunes, which has been added to the iPod function of the iPhone.

The multitouch technology on the iPhone enables you to perform functions such as zooming, simply by moving your fingers apart. You can also delete an email by sweeping your finger across it.

CrunchGear suggests an October date for the new laptops, which it previously said would be much thinner than the current models.