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YouTube offers up Feather-lite version of site

YouTube shows off its slimmer, trimmer side
YouTube shows off its slimmer, trimmer side

YouTube has announced a lite version of the website has hit beta, which trims the features available on the site to make videos load faster.

Codenamed 'Feather', the new landing page, according to YouTube, gives "a user experience that aims to keep things simple and the videos loading and playing quickly."

Although it is in TestTube at the moment – the place where YouTube tests new products – the site will look into making it more widely available if adoption goes up and latency improves.

Opt-in beta

If you want to try out 'Feather' for yourself, there is an opt-in beta sign-up page. On the page there is a warning that not all videos will work within the Feather version of the site.

Fingers crossed it does work, as the ability to have a seamless YouTube experience over even the most low-powered devices sounds great. And if this brings with it a little less page furniture this is also something that would be more than welcomed.