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BT deletes fair usage policy controls for broadband

BT - FUP delete
BT - FUP delete

BT will remove the fair usage policy for its BT Total Broadband and BT Infinity customers, removing limits on 'atypical' heavy users, but keeping its traffic management protocols in place.

In what is a welcome move from the telecoms giant, BT has revealed that the improvements to its infrastructure will allow it to change its fair usage policy (FUP), and remove a limit for what it describes as 'atypical' users.

Previously, 0.5 per cent of BT's customers who were particularly heavy users were limited to 300GB usage, but BT will not be targeting these individuals.

Traffic management

However, BT confirms that a "traffic management" policy will remain "that will restrict certain applications / protocols, such as P2P, when the network is busy."

Mayuresh Thavapalan, general manager, Consumer Broadband, BT Retail, said: "As BT continues to invest in the network and network bandwidth we can now remove these restrictions and ensure the experience of the wider customer base.

"On completion there will be no individual user controls targeted at atypical users on our BT Total Broadband and BT Infinity products."

It should be pointed out that people on BT Total Broadband Options 1 and 2 and BT Infinity Option One will still be charged for going over their data limits – but will not have their traffic managed.