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Honor is already working on another smartwatch

Back in October, the Honor Watch Magic launched as a smaller and more affordable alternative to the Huawei Watch GT. But it seems Honor may already be readying itself to launch a new watch.

A new Bluetooth listing has been spotted that suggests the company is working on an updated smartwatch device.

It doesn't include any clear details about the spec of the watch, but it refers to a model number of ELF-G10 and uses the word 'smartwatch', suggesting this is going to be a more full-featured device than the Honor Band 4.

More watch than tracker

The MediaTek name is also mentioned in the listing, suggesting Honor will be using that company's processors to power this wearable. 

That's interesting considering a lot of smartwatches uses Qualcomm wearable chipsets, and the Huawei Watch GT features a dual-chipset design made by Huawei itself.

This may mean more of a focus on optimized battery to offer even longer battery life than the Honor Watch Magic is toted to have, but we won't know the aim of switching to MediaTek until we hear official word from Honor.

Hopefully we'll hear more about Honor's next smartwatch come 2019.

Via PocketNow