Christmas gift ideas: top Christmas gifts for 2014

Apple's smartphone line-up is more diverse than ever this year, with the new iPhone 5s and 5c models appearing alongside 2011's long-time stalwart, the iPhone 4s.

Naturally that means a good few new iPhone owners will abound this holiday season, and what better way to indulge them than with a top accessory for their device?

Nike+ Fuelband SE - £129

Christmas gift ideas: top Christmas gifts for 2013

Activity trackers have really taken off this year, with the big brands in the market learning from their early designs to bring more rounded devices to the fitness-conscious masses.

Nike has improved upon its original FuelBand with the FuelBand SE, which comes in three colour variations. The band's slick OLED display shows steps taken, calories burned, Nike Fuel earned and the time, serving a second function as a futuristic-looking wristwatch.

The rebooted iOS app distinguishes your daily activity in the form of Sessions which you can define yourself. It also tracks sleep duration, and syncing with the band is now continuous and automatic thanks to Bluetooth LE.

Cygnett Alternate two-tone case - £20

Christmas gift ideas: top Christmas gifts for 2013

Cygnett has a solid record in bringing stylish yet robust cases to the iPhone range, and this two-tone offering for the iPhone 5 and 5s is no different.

The Alternate forms a sleek and protective anodised alumninium shell around the back and sides of your device, and offers easy in-case docking via the removable end.

The real hook though is that both ends can be slipped off and replaced with funky colour 'accents' (also included), meaning you can switch your style up to fit your day. Comes in grey, silver and pink combinations.

Pure Contour i1 Air speaker - £180

Christmas gift ideas: top Christmas gifts for 2013

Apple's introduction of the Lightning connector on the iPhone 5 puts the device at odds with older docks that use the 30-pin standard of previous iPhones, including the 4s.

So it was with much glee that we reviewed the ridiculously convenient Pure Contour i1 Air speaker, which features an interchangeable dock system that supports both standards - a godsend for households whose members own different generations of iPhone.

With precise, natural audio as well as all-important AirPlay support, this could well be the perfect Apple fan's speaker.

Apple iPhone 5c case - £25

Christmas gift ideas: top Christmas gifts 2013

Coming as it does in a range of vibrant colours, the iPhone 5c is Apple's answer to stylish personal expression. To that end, it also released a range of iPhone 5c cases that are available in six different flavours.

The hole-punch design lets the original colour of your iPhone come through, allowing for 30 possible colour combinations, from loud pink-on-yellow, to a more restrained black-on-white.

As you would expect from Apple, the protective silicone cases are a perfect fit, with an inside lined with soft microfibre to keep your phone safe from scratches.

Woodbuds Originals - £25

Christmas gift ideas: top Christmas gifts 2013

Apple makes much of its environmental responsibilities in the iPhone manufacturing process. But how about these rustic noise-isolating earphones for eco-friendly bonus points?

Woodbuds Originals are made from sustainable plantation hardwood, feel comfy in the ear, and are available in five bold colours. They sound as if they should cost far more, offering decent frequency response and well-balanced bass for such small drivers.

Woodbuds come in recycled card packaging with three sizes of earpiece, and the small Yorkshire-based company plants a tree for every 100 products it sells.

Pebble watch - £210

Christmas gift ideas: top Christmas gifts 2013

With all the talk of an iWatch this year, there's been scant evidence of one arriving anytime soon. But that's okay, because Pebble is available to buy today.

Pebble lets you know of incoming calls and text messages without you even looking at your iPhone. In fact it's the only Bluetooth device that makes many iOS features - notifications, music playback, alarms and motion tracking - directly accessible from your wrist.

The LED backlit display allows you to change the clock face style on the fly; it's also water-resistant, and lasts up to a week on a single charge. Expect app support to only increase thanks to a timely Pebble developer pack update.

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation - £70

Christmas gift ideas: top Christmas gifts 2013

Nostalgic for the days when your phone didn't run out of battery power in 24 hours? Neither are we. That's because we use the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation, the smart external battery pack for iOS devices.

The Powerstation charges your iPhone (or iPad) in super-fast time due to its large 4000mAh battery, and yet it's compact enough to carry around in your pocket. It isn't half bad-looking either, with a soft felt finish and metal casing that nicely complements the iPhone 5 design.

Six discreet LED lights indicate the level of juice left in the Powerstation, and if you buy the (PRODUCT) RED edition that's currently available, 5% of the profits go to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS.

Native Union Switch - £120

Christmas gift ideas: top Christmas gifts 2013

For all Apple's tech wizardry, simple physics dictates it can't seriously improve upon the iPhone's speaker. That's where accessories such as the Native Union Switch come in.

Weighing just half a kilo and able to fill a room with clear and precise tunes, this portable, rectangular Bluetooth speaker unit can be positioned horizontally or vertically, and has another trick up its sleeve.

Its built-in, 14-hour-life battery can also charge an iPhone to full capacity via USB – with power to spare.

Apple TV

Christmas gift ideas: top Christmas gifts 2013

Apple TV makes our iPhone gift guide for the second year running, simply because it has so much to offer for relatively little expense.

It's still the only way to mirror an iPhone's screen to a television for displaying web pages, photos and video on, while iCloud integration via Photostream means that any photos taken on an iPhone get automatically sent to your Apple TV seconds after you arrive home.

The device also had its internals upgraded in 2013, allowing it to take advantage of the increasing number of 1080p movie titles available for streaming on the iTunes Store. For the iPhone owner, we can't recommend it enough.

iTunes Gift Cards - £10-£100

Christmas gift ideas: top Christmas gifts 2013

If you're short of inspiration or stuck for time, an iTunes voucher is the perfect get-out-of-jail gift card.

Giving one allows the recipient to select from a vast range of iTunes entertainment, from music, films, apps, games, books, and more - and the selection is growing every day.

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