Holiday Gift Guide: Tech and Games Galore

You've reached the final page of our holiday gift guide! But there's still more to look at so don't just brush it off - you might even find that one last tidbit to neatly tie your presents together.

We've collected an assortment, or grab bag, of tech stuff that can be a stocking stuffer or the one major thing you pick up so peruse away without shopping 'til you drop.

Chromecast - $35


This little dongle sold like hotcakes when it first arrived on the scene and its popularity will only continue to grow thanks to the increasing number of apps being added.

Despite the smart TVs, consoles and set-top boxes, the Google Chromecast seems to beat all those devices to the punch by being simpler, smaller and much more affordable - which is why it would make a great holiday gift.

Fitbit Flex - $99.95


The Fitbit Flex combines the company's honed pedometer technology, key to its One product (see below), with a convenient wristband that, while not the most stylish of accessories, oozes ruggedness like no other tracker.

Battery life lasts around five days, and although the five LED lights helpfully indicate the number of steps taken in a day, it's the iOS and Android apps that offer a more detailed and extended picture of your activity.

This data can also be shared with other Flex users, all of whom can choose between a range of cool custom band colors.

Get the Fitbit Flex

Fitbit One - $99.88


The Fitbit One is a more inconspicuous type of tracker, with a sleek pebble-like design small enough to keep in your pocket or attach to your belt using the supplied clip. During the day it tracks your steps, distance covered, calories burned and even stairs climbed, thanks to its built-in altimeter.

It also tracks the quality and duration of your sleep, and packs a vibrating alarm to wake you. This data is stored minute-by-minute, and is converted to a daily total, which can be viewed on the LED display or through the Fitbit Connect software, which works on both Mac and PC via the supplied cable.

It syncs the stored data from your tracker to your Dashboard, where you can also record diet, weight and more.

iPad Smart Case - $47.99

Smart Case

A new iPad deserves protection. One way to provide it is with an Apple Smart Case.

Smart Covers are all well and good, but Smart Cases go one better by protecting the back as well as the screen, using aniline-dyed leather and a soft microfibre lining. They also serve a second and third function as a display and keyboard stand.

Let's not forget, Apple is a premium brand. A Smart Cover ain't cheap, but if you've got the spends, we can't not recommend one.

HiRise for iPad mini or iPhone - $34.99


HiRise for the iPad mini or the iPhone is a handy little stand for desk use if you're referencing something on your tablet or phone while working alongside a computer. In fact it sits perfectly on any worktop or coffee table if you need your hands free during calls or FaceTime chats, or just want to keep an eye on your favorite app.

The stand sports the company's signature brushed metal aesthetic and steers clear of the mini's ports, speakers and microphone. Lightning cable not included.

Belkin Kitchen Stand and Stylus for Tablets - $17.59

chef stand

This handy stand is a must-have for budding chefs who like to use online recipes to cook up some magic. You can perch your tablet on the stand and then use the included wand to browse the touchscreen, without splashing ingredients all over it.

iPhone 5C case - $29

5C case

Though already coming in a range of vibrant colors, the iPhone 5C is Apple's answer to stylish personal expression. To that end, it also released a range of iPhone 5C cases that are available in six different flavors.

The hole-punch design lets the original color of your iPhone come through, allowing for 30 possible color combinations, from loud pink-on-yellow, to a more restrained black-on-white.

As you would expect from Apple, the protective silicone cases are a perfect fit, with an inside lined with soft microfiber to keep your phone safe from scratches.

Pebble smartwatch - $149.99


With all the talk of an iWatch this year, there's been scant evidence of one arriving anytime soon. But that's okay, because Pebble is available to buy today.

Pebble lets you know of incoming calls and text messages without you even looking at your iPhone. In fact it's the only Bluetooth device that makes many iOS features - notifications, music playback, alarms and motion tracking - directly accessible from your wrist.

The LED backlit display allows you to change the clock face style on the fly; it's also water-resistant, and lasts up to a week on a single charge. Expect app support to only increase thanks to a timely Pebble developer pack update.

Nest Learning Thermostat - $249


Home temperature control has never looked so good. The Nest thermostat sits on your wall and lets you easily adjust the temperature of your home. Nest also learns your ideal conditions and there's a Nest app to control it remotely.

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