Holiday Gift Guide: Tech and Games Galore

For the audiophile, only the best can be bought for those crisp yet bass-filled beats.

However, that also means you might break you bank buying expensive headsets for your loved ones. But luckily for you, we've also included some decently priced offerings in our holiday gift guide from the music world that don't compromise sound quality.

Oontz Curve Ultra-portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - $29.99

The cleverly named Oontz Curve Ultra portable wireless bluetooth speaker is probably the cheapest device on this list but it doesn't mean it's cheap quality.

At just seven ounces, this little speaker still has a lot of oomph when it comes to sound, plus it's easy to use and nice to look at.

Bose QuietComfort 20i - $299

Bose QuietComfort 20i

Bose QuietComfort 20i (with the "i" standing for the Apple version) in-ear headphones are definitely a must for the audiophile in your life, if you have $300 to spend.

But heart attack inducing price aside, you really get what you pay for - amazing noise canceling tech and incredible sound added to the fact that the QuietComfort 20i is also really quite comfortable.

There's also the neat "Aware Mode" feature which is designed to help you be able to hear important things that the noise canceling may drown out.

Jawbone Mini Jambox - $154.62

Jawbone Mini Jambox

The Jawbone Mini Jambox may seem a bit pricey but it's a well built, solid little speaker that's stylish to boot.

Like its larger brethren, the Mini Jambox is cast from a single piece of anodized aluminum, and available in a selection of nine different bright, vibrant colors, with five different patterns drilled into the grill across the front of the speaker.

Logitech Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - $179.99

Boy, that's a mouthful: the Logitech Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speakers and the price is a bit steep. But the 360-degree wireless speaker boasts a bold, immersive sound in a slim frame making it hard to miss.

The exterior of the speaker has a plasma skin that makes it water and stain resistant and also includes 5-hour rechargeable lithium batteries. What's more, when you get this wireless speaker, you'll get a micro USB cable and AC power adapter. Other colors include red, green and blue.

Klipsch Image One (II) - $69.95

Klipsch Image One (II)

This is the second edition of Klipsch's Image ONE headphones. The II's keep the same audio specs and performance of the originals, but with an added stylish new gloss-back to the headband, and a higher-end look to the back of the earcups and flat earpads (not cupped, as before) to aid noise isolation.

These headphones have a big, big sound. They're rated 16Hz to 23kHz, and have a 40mm driver. The bass rumbles nicely but the mid tones are a bit muddy, yet higher frequencies are preserved well without sounding shrill.

Razer Electra - $49.99

Razer Electra

Probably the cheapest Razer product you'll ever see, these Razer Electra headphones are still decent, if you're looking to get them for a casual use - i.e. not your die-hard audiophile.

They can be used for both music and gaming - though there's no mic - but it does up their value a bit so you get more use for a low price. The Electra set is also comfy and provides enough bass (though it can be a distracting) and has good sound.

STREET by 50 Cent Over-Ear Headphones - $80.99 to $149.95

Consoles and handheld gaming devicesThe holiday season is usually met with indecision, headaches and a flurry of last-minute shopping as you frantically try to balance life (because it never gives you a break) with finding the perfect gift for your favorite people.To help you survive the winter madness, TechRadar has put together a 2013 holiday gift guide of the best tech goodies you can get, so you can spend more time knocking back eggnog while watching faces of the people you love light up with joy as they receive an awesome present from you.After all, that's what the holidays are about right? Having a good time with great people, and giving something to get that smile and squeal of excitement.So happy holidays from all of us at TechRadar and get some shopping done with our techtastic and gamerific 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!Consoles and handheldsThe console war between gaming veterans Sony and Microsoft has been amplified this year with the upcoming release of two new next-gen consoles. Other gaming names refuse to be left out though, and have entered their machines into the console race for a chance to sit in your living rooms.PlayStation 4 - $399PS4First up on our list is the Sony PlayStation 4. The system boasts great features like free streaming and recording and the PS4 is more developer-friendly - meaning the list of games will continue to grow allowing more variety.Along with making gamers as happy as possible, the console has big ambitions to be the most affordable, high-end gaming machine on the market and it looks like the company's hard work is paying off since demand for the PS4 is off the charts.With its $399 price tag - the PlayStation Eye will be sold separately for a mere $59.99 - it's no surprise pre-orders filled up and nearly disappeared before its Nov. 15 launch date.However, Sony claims there should be enough to go around as the holidays draw closer, so check this off your holiday gift guide list as this machine will be gone before you know it.Check out the PS4 Dualshock 4 hands onXbox One - $499Xbox OneMicrosoft's Xbox One is the other crazy popular (and much more controversial) console. Selling for $499, it's a bit pricier than its opposition - but the Kinect comes included with the whole package.The new One console wants to be your one-stop entertainment solution for the living room by integrating live TV, games, movies and web services such as Skype, all controlled using Kinect's improved voice recognition features.By getting one person an Xbox One for gaming, you're also picking up a whole entertainment system for the entire family.Microsoft says with Skype and SkyDrive functions, the system would also make a great platform for businesses.Essentially, the One is a multipurpose console that could be given to anyone, so you really can't go wrong picking one these guys up.Check out the Xbox One Gamepad hands onPS Vita - $199.99PS VitaIf you've managed to get a PlayStation 4, it only makes sense you pick up an accompanying PS Vita.Thanks to the new PS Link feature, you can use your Vita to play PS4 games over Wi-Fi. You can try picking up the handheld or a bundle from Amazon for amazingly low prices, or head over to Sony to get the Vita for an even $199 (though you might find a decent bundle pack there as well).Read more about the PS VitaNvidia Shield - $299Nvidia ShieldThe Nvidia Shield is the first from the famed components company and has proven to be a decent handheld console.The Tegra 4 quad-core processor and 72-core GeForce GPU powered device can play high-powered Android games as well as PC and Steam titles, all of which are streamed to the 720p screen.You have to fork over $299 for the Shield, but for the most advanced mobile processor out there, you get what you pay for (plus its price was previously cut).Read more about the Nvidia Shield in our hands onMad Catz Mojo - $249Mad Catz MojoMad Catz is a first time contender in the console war with its Android powered Mojo.More of a mini console, or

The only wired cans in 50 Cent's Street range, the STREET by 50 Cent headphones feature earcups that, while feeling comfy, are huge and fairly heavy.

The large and bendy headband makes them feel rather loose, and sound is leaked before it even reaches your ears. What does get through sounds good, but the low-end isn't as beefed up as the Beats. The ones pictured are the most expensive though you can get other iterations for $68.96 cheaper.

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