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Panasonic building a better motion sensor

Wii Sports
Don't get frustrated with this - just wait three years for a better version

If you've ever tried to play a Wii game with sunshine streaming in the window, you'll know that the TV-top sensor bar can't handle the brightness and simply stops responding.

Now, however, a new motion detector from Panasonic Electric Works promises an end to such frustrations, as it works in direct sunlight.

Works in the dark

It relies on light emitted from several dozen of its own LEDs to track objects in three dimensions. The wavelength of the light makes it totally irrelevant if it's in a bright room or total darkness.

The unnamed detector will go on sale to hardware manufacturers next April, with Panasonic hoping to shift about 100,000 units by 2011.

Self-parking cars

Numbers like that mean it won't end up in consumer applications at first, but those could well come later if it works out in the industrial field. That might include self-parking cars or interactive billboards.

Another giveaway is the price per unit – a cool ¥1million (£6,130). Now, that would increase the console price quite a bit.