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YouTube embeds get search and widescreen

Search added to embedded links
Search added to embedded links

YouTube may have announced recently that it has switched to widescreen, but the website failed to roll-out this function to embedded videos – until now.

Now, every time you embed a YouTube video to your website, it will pop up in glorious 16:9.

Well, it is glorious if the original video has been shot this way, otherwise unsightly black borders appear – something that has riled many a YouTube user.

YouTube search

A new search function has also been added to embedded video. It's not hard to miss – the semi-transparent search bar sits at the top of an embedded video.

This means you don't have to point your browser to YouTube to search for more videos, but you can do it right there on your own website.

The new layouts are not retrospective, so don't expect the search function to appear on old embeds.