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Booze and Queen-approved drugs added to Amazon's One Hour delivery service

You think the Queen can wait more than an hour for Strepsils and alka seltzer? Heck no - m'lady gets her shopping stat. 

Which may, maybe, go someway towards explaining why Amazon has just signed up one of Her Royal Highness's favourite shops for its one-hour deliver Amazon Prime Now service.

If you live in London, Amazon Prime Now now offers an additional 7,000 products from the Queen's preferred pharmacist  John Bell & Croyden and fine wine merchants Spirited Wines.

One's favourite online retailer

The additional retailer partnerships see Amazon's Prime Now service grow by almost 50 per cent in terms of product offering, though there will be some raised eyebrows - lots of what's offered here conflicts with similar items on sale through Amazon's own grocery delivery service.

Still, you can't knock choice and that's what Amazon's Prime Now service is increasingly offering, at least for those based in the UK capital.

To take advantage of one hour delivery through Prime Now, you'll have to make a minimum spend of £20, and be ready to cough up a £6.99 delivery fee. If you can twiddle your thumbs through another 60 minutes however, a two hour delivery slot comes free of charge.