Save over $150 on this complete Kindle Scribe bundle at Amazon

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To get the most out of the Amazon Kindle Scribe, you need a great pen and, ideally, a leather folio cover. You can now get all of this and more at Amazon for a discounted price of $271.97 (was $431.97) as part of the retailer's 4th of July sales.

Today's discounted price is the lowest we’ve seen for this Amazon Kindle Scribe bundle – and it's not too much more than the previous record low for the ereader by itself. That was $239.99, so this discounted price for the whole bundle is a great deal indeed.

Keep an eye out for more deals like this during Amazon Prime Day on July 16 – 17. There will almost certainly be more Amazon Kindle deals including discounts on the Kindle Paperwhite and the standard Kindle if you want a more basic and affordable ereader.

Today’s best Amazon Kindle Scribe deal

Amazon Kindle Scribe Bundle: $439.97 $271.97 at Amazon

Amazon Kindle Scribe Bundle: was $439.97 now $271.97 at Amazon
If you want the ultimate Kindle experience, this is your best option. When paired with both a pen and a folio cover, you'll be guaranteed to have everything you need to read your favourite books and annotate your notes. The price of this bundle is not much more than the lowest price we've ever seen for the Scribe on its own, so now is the time to get the complete package.

Our Kindle Scribe review shows how much we love this product, so it's a great time to bag this bundle.

The Amazon Kindle Scribe is the only Kindle that also functions as a digital notebook and ships with a pen, as well as being a way to read without carrying around dozens of books. The notebook's functionality won’t be essential for everyone but it does give you the perfect place to sketch out designs or journal. It’s also possible to convert handwritten notes to text, which is convenient for transferring your thoughts elsewhere. 

The screen is also sizeable at 10.2 inches so there’s no risk of you not seeing things clearly here. Even in awkward lighting, it’s glare-free and front-lit, meaning it looks great. It’s one of the best Kindles in many ways.

If you’re not just looking for the best Kindle deals, we also have many of the best Amazon Fire tablet deals for something that will also easily help you read as you travel. Alternatively, if writing is your aim, upgrading your iPad with the Apple Pencil deals currently available could be the best solution.

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